Appeal Konstantin Borovoy

Dear Friends,
The Valeria Novodvorskaya Foundation has been created.

We have a Director, wonderful Inessa – we have a founder, Konstantin Borovoy – we have the Supervisory Board, which consists of Lerochka¹s close friends. Some are famous, some are not.

We have a website. We are registering as a non-profit organization. We have an official bank account, we have already started working on our projects.

Now everything depends on you, on your desire to join us and continue the fight that Lera has started.

We need volunteers.  We need money to transform our plans into real life events.

Every time I publish Lera¹s articles, her TV speeches or her interviews, people leave comments: she was a great woman.  She was a ‘holy’ person, brave and never afraid of speaking her mind.

This is true, but this is not the most important thing about her: Valeria was a fighter.

From 1969, when she joined the fight against Dictatorship and Tyranny, to her dying day in 2014, when she cared least of all about her health and her life, she wanted to write that last article, she wanted to say the final word in her last interview.

The fight for Freedom, the fight for Democracy in Russia!

That is what every citizen, what every human should be helping us to do.

We created the Fund in the name of Valeria Novodvorskaya, not in the honor of her memory but to continue her fight.

And I also have some unpleasant news: You no longer have any excuse to sit back and wait for someone else to bring you Freedom and Human dignity.

You must and you can do it yourself.

Valeria’s motto is now the motto of our Foundation: “NO COMPOMISE.”

Our goal is to restore Democracy in Russia.

Not only for our children, grandchildren and future citizens of Russia, but, more importantly, for ourselves.

We need it as Russian citizens. We need it as human beings. We need it for our dignity!



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Fundation Structure.

Foundation – is a non-profit organization registered in jurisdiction of the US.

Фонд управляется Наблюдательным советом из граждан России, сторонников Валерии Новодворской, которые избирают Управляющего фондом, утверждают задачи и проекты фонда, контролируют организационную и финансовую деятельность фонда.

Фонд существует на добровольные пожертвования.

Our Aims:

  • Our foundation has an aim to form the most complete archive of Valeriya Novodvorskaya.
  • Фонд учреждает премию Валерии Новодворской «За деятельность, способствующую восстановлению демократии в России», вручаемую наиболее активным российским и иностранным гражданам, способствующим реализации цели фонда.
  • Our implements and supports individual projects that contribute to achieving the fund objective.


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